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How do I use the OTC Service on gate.io?
Updated at:118 days 12 hours ago
How do I use the OTC Service on gate.io?

The Trading OTC service allows users to safely purchase or sell crypto via USD wire transfers. Before a trader can use this service, their OTC account needs to be enabled by completing the steps listed below.

How do I Enable my OTC Account?

1.Log in to gate.io and click on the Deposit USD option in the header of the page.

2.Then find Legend Trading and click on Buy digital currencies

3.In the OTC Trading page, click the slider button next to “OTC Account Status” on the right side of the page.

Click the Individual button. Then please fill in all the necessary Personal Information according to the form, then click Save and Continue.

Please follow the instructions on every page.


If you have already used an email address with our OTC vendor(Legend Trading)through a different exchange, you will have to enter a new or different email address to continue.

When selecting your country, only regions in the approved list will be valid.

Please fill in your identity information and upload the necessary documents according to the form.

Please fill in your banking information and upload any necessary statements according to the form. Only a bank account under your name will be accepted.

Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible according to the form.

Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible by Legend Trading. You will either receive an approval email or instructions for next steps.
You need to perform kyc, and then wait for the review to be completed, and then operate OTC transactions.

How do I purchase crypto?

Once your OTC Account Status has been verified and enabled, you will now see Crypto and Fiat balance modules on the right side of the main OTC Trading page. If you cannot see these modules, please wait until your OTC Account has been approved.

On the left-side trading module, request for quotes to buy crypto.

In the next field, enter the amount (in crypto) that you wish to buy.

NOTE: The minimum amount is $500 USD worth of any crypto. Please check your crypto balance on the right side of the page to ensure you have enough prior to initiating a transaction. Click "Deposit" to check out the deposit instructions.

Click the REQUEST A QUOTE button.

The pop-up window will display the details of your transaction, including a quote price valid for 11 seconds. Click the Buy button before the time expires. If the time has expired, you will have to click Cancel and click REQUEST A QUOTE again to receive a new price quote.

Once the purchase is completed, the next pop-up window will display a summary of your transaction. Click OK.

The right side of the OTC trading page will update your balances (fiat balance will go down, purchased crypto will go up).

Note: After the purchase is successful, the account will not be credited immediately, it may take several hours to reach your gate.io account.

On the balance module side of the OTC trading page, click on Deposit next to the “Balance – Fiat” heading.

The next page will provide you with step-by-step instructions for ACH and Wire transfers. Contact your bank and follow these instructions carefully.

NOTE: Make sure that your wire transfer includes a note with the reference code provided at the bottom of the page. Failure to do so may delay your transaction.

Deposit from Bank Guide

Let’s send funds from Bank of America as an example.

Select the “Transfer” menu, and then click “Using Someone’s Account Number At another bank”.

Add a recipient

If this is the first time you are sending the funds to us, you need to add Legend Trading Inc. as a recipient. This is a one-time effort. You won’t need to do this again in future.

Enter the correct information as below, which you can also find from our OTC deposit page anytime.

Account Name: Legend Trading Inc.

Account Address: 960 San Antonio Road, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303, United States

Account Number: 1503983881

Routing Number: 026013576

Bank Name: Signature Bank

Bank address: 565 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017, USA

SWIFT code: SIGNUS33XXX (Only use it if your bank is outside of the U.S.)

You can find the same information as above from our OTC deposit page anytime.

Let’s go back to the bank page, it should look like this after you entered the account information -

Enter support@legendtrading.com or finance@legendtrading.com in the Email text field, although it’s optional.

Now that you have added the recipient successfully, you can send money, i.e., make a deposit to your OTC account.

Check out the OTC “Deposit” Page and find your own reference code.
This code is unique for each user, use your own code!
Enter the code in the “Deion” or “Additional information” field on your transfer page.

ACH vs Wire Transfer
You have different options when you send money to us. We highly recommend the Wire Transfer option, as it’s the fastest. In most cases the funds can arrive on the same day.
Reference Code
To recognize the sender of each deposit 100% correctly, we ask that each user enters this reference code. Again, this code is unique for each user, use your own code!
It’s fine if you forgot to enter it, just Email finance@legendtrading and we’ll find the transfer for you! Please send a screenshot of your bank transfer details when reaching out to our Finance team.
Minimum Transfer Amount
Feel free to send any amount you want. However, there’s a minimum trade limit of $500 at our OTC service, so if your deposit amount was less than $500, you won’t be able to trade, although you can see it from your OTC balance. We’d suggest that you deposit more than $505, or you may not be able to ute a trade although you have a USD balance.
Once your funds arrive at our bank account, we’ll update your OTC account balance accordingly. Check the OTC page, you’ll see your USD balance appear at the bottom right.
Congratulations! You are all set to buy crypto!
If you need any further assistance regarding the bank, ACH/Wire transfers, or you feel it’s taken too long, please don’t hesitate to Email us:finance@legendtrading.com

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