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The competition has been changed to Grid Trading Daily Competition For Individual Users. Conducting grid trading on spot markets or futures market will be regarded as participating in the competition. No need to fill any form.

* Please note, competition ranking is based on the individual account performance. The teams that participated in October 28-October 29 competition will also be ranked and awarded based on individual account performance according to the new rules. Read more at

The following content is obsoleted. is holding a Grid Trading Daily Competition. Traders can team up to win a reward everyday. We have a total of 10, 000 GT rewards for teams and we have additional GT and Points rewards for popular team leaders.

1. Activity Schedule
October 28th 0:00 UTC-- November 07th 0:00 UTC, competition is held and ranked on a daily basis.

2. How to Participate?
A team must consist of 3 people at least, one of which is captain amongst others team members.
The captain should register his or her team before each daily competition. A team can participate in many daily competitions. If there are any member changes, the team should register again. The last registration will prevail.

Example: Team A should register themselves before October 28th 0:00 to be able to participate in the competition from October 28th 0:00- October 29th 0:00 UTC. Otherwise they won’t be eligible to participate in the competition during that period of time.

Registration form

3. Rewards
Team Daily Rewards
Competition results will be calculated after 0:00 UTC, immediately after each daily competition. Team rewards will be credited to the winning team the next day.

Team Rewards of Daily Competition

1st Place: 300 GT

2nd Place: 150 GT

3rd Place: 75 GT

4th-10th Places: 50 GT

Reward Allocation Within A Team
The captain gets 20% of the reward to the team.
All team members (including the captain) share the remaining 80% proportional to their contribution of the total ROI.
Example: A, B, and C have made up a team, A being the captain. In a daily competition, the team has ranked first based on their total ROI, where A, B, C has a ROI of 50%, 100% and 30% respectively.

The reward allocation to each member will be as follows:
A gets: 300GT*20%+300GT*80%*[50/(50+100+30)]=60+66.67=126.67GT
B gets: 300GT*80%*[100/(50+100+30)]=133.33GT
C gets: 300GT*80%*[30/(50+100+30)]=40GT

* The team will be disqualified for any reward if the team’s total return is less than 200 USDT; or if any team member hasn’t performed any grid trading at all during the daily competition.

Popular Captain Reward
When the competition has ended, we have rewards for three popular captains; they must meet the following criteria:
1) have led the top 3 largest number of participants (the first-time grid trading traders who have finished identity verification),
2) have funded 5000 USDT at least themselves in grid trading during the whole campaign period

1st Place: 200 GT+200 Points
2nd Place: 150 GT+ 150 Points
3rd Place: 100 GT+ 100 Points

* An individual counts 1 participant no matter how many days the individual has participated in.

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4. Activity Rules
1). Register your team before each day’s competition. You can perform grid trading at spot markets or futures markets.
2). This competition only considers returns on the following eight pairs: BTC/USDT,ETH/USDT, EOS/USDT, LTC/USDT, BCHSV/USDT, BCH/USDT, XRP/USDT, and GT/USDT.
3). We will calculate the competition results after 0:00, immediately after the end of each day’s competition.
4). During each day’s competition, a team must have a minimum return of 200 USDT to be qualified for the team rankings. We will rank all the qualified teams according to their ROI (the total earnings of all team members/ the total investment of all team members). The top 3 teams will be awarded with 300 GT, 150 GT and 75 GT respectively, 4th-10th places 50 GT each.
5). When the whole competition has ended, Captains who have led the top 3 largest number of identity verified participants and have funded a total of 5000 USDT or above in grid trading themselves will be qualified for the following rewards, 200GT+ 200 Points, 150 GT+ 150 Points, and 100 GT+100 Points respectively.

* Important notice
1). Each account can only take part in a day’s competition from one team. If an account has been included in more than one team, the account will be considered for the the team that registered the latest. When a competition starts, no team can dismiss or exit/ join the competition.
2). The return is the cumulative return over the daily competition period, including unrealized return, realized return, and fees.
3). The total investment = total assets invested in grid trading, including investment in futures grid trading and spot grid trading.
4). If two teams have the same ROI, the one with higher total return ranks higher; if two captains have led the same number of participants, the one with more total personal investment ranks higher.
5). To provide a level playing field, we will disqualify any account with cheating behaviour, such as pumping profits of several accounts to one account.
6). On individual can participate in the competition with one account only. Manipulating with several accounts will be disqualified.
7). Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are high-risk, speculative investments, susceptible to impact from market, policy, and other factors. Please be aware of the risks involved and make investment decisions with caution. reserves the final right to interpret the activity.

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October 27, 2020

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