Coin Price 24h % Has Finished YFV To Value Swap and Commence VALUE Trading

2020-10-14 21:52:39Read:17399 has swapped VFV forVALUE at the ratio of 1:1 for VFA holders. You can view details at ‘My Billing Details’ in your account. We commenced VALUE trading October 14th, 15:00 UTC. Please pay close attention to the market conditions and adjust your order accordingly.

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About YFA To VALUE Swap

According to Value DeFi Protocol (previously known as, VALUE, version 2 of YFV, was created and YFV to be swapped to Value at the ratio of 1:1. VALUE will ultimately become the main governance token of Value DeFi Protocol. According to the current proposal, VFV total supply is 4 million and the VALUE total supply is 3 million. The supply will be finally decided by community voting.

VALUE token contract: 0x49E833337ECe7aFE375e44F4E3e8481029218E5c

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October 14th, 2020

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